Concealing the birth of a child: more details

Thanks to Liz Craig who directed me to an article on her lovely one place study of Dunster (Somerset). She gives more details of Sarah Escott who was tried for concealing the birth of a child. She reports that the Sarah Escott who was tried was born in 1841 in Dunster (Somerset), one of eight children born to John (a sawyer) and Elizabeth (nee Webber, a laundress). Her article gives a lot of fascinating information about this case and another case, and includes a discussion of why women concealed births and were prosecuted for doing so.

My earlier piece concluded that the trial was of a different Sarah Jane Escott, from Glastonbury. This Sarah was living in Salisbury in 1861 and was in Southampton from 1871-1901.  I based my piece on a register of trials for Somerset and it mentions no locations other than the location of the trial: Wells (Somerset).  So I’m not sure why I jumped to the faulty conclusion that she must have been the woman who was tried.

As far as I can see, neither the Sarah Escott from Glastonbury nor the one from Dunster have any connection with my Escott ancestors from the Eastern end of Somerset. I’ve written here about the geographical distribution of the Escotts.

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