Susannah Whitehouse

Susannah Whitehouse (1814-1853), my 2 x great grandmother was born in Tipton, Staffordshire, and died there at the age of only 39.

Susannah’s parentage
Mark Grace has done a lot of research on the Whitehouses, summarised on
He concludes that:

  • Susannah’s parents were Hannah Tucker (1786-1871) and Job Whitehouse (abt 1788-1840). Susannah and Job may have married around 1812, but Mark has found no record of the marriage.
  • Hannah Tucker appears to be the illegitimate daughter of Rebecca Tucker (abt 1763-1846) of Tipton. DNA hints that Rebecca may have come from Ireland. Rebecca Tucker married James Whitehouse in Tipton in 1792 (when Hannah was about 6), but there is no indication that James is Rebecca’s biological father.
  • Job Whitehouse’s parents were John Whitehouse and Mary Darby of Tipton. John is a son of Daniel Whitehouse and Elizabeth Mills. In turn, Daniel is a son of John Whitehouse and Elizabeth Robinson. (For possible links to the Darby family, please

Susannah’s marriage, children and death
Susannah married my 2 x great grandfather, David Guest (1812-1882) on 19 July 1835 in Dudley (Worcestershire / Staffordshire). They settled in Tipton and had 8 children, including my great grandmother Ann Guest (1849-1925). For more on David Guest and the couple’s children, please see

Susannah died on 15 May 1853. The cause was ‘chronic remolipement of the brain 18 months’.

Mark Grace points out that Whitehouse is a common name in Tipton (147 families in the 1841 census) and in the West Midlands generally.

Besides Mark’s site mentioned above, another very useful source of information is Keith Percy’s Whitehouse Family history centre at

Because Mark and Keith have collected so much information on the Whitehouses, I do not expect to add much more information on the Whitehouses to this blog.

12 thoughts on “Susannah Whitehouse

  1. Updated today to reflect Mark Grace’s findings over the last year. Noted that:
    – no marriage found for Hannah Tucker and Job Whitehouse.
    – DNA hints that Rebecca Tucker may have come from Ireland.
    – updated parents of Job Whitehouse (not Job Whitehouse and Rachel Griffiths but John Whitehouse and Mary Darby of Tipton). Added John Whitehouse’s parents and paternal grandparents.


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